Need some summer tyres for your mid-sized car

205/55R16 summer tyres

If your medium sized car needs tyres with dimension 205/55R16, you can do an online search for 205/55R16 summer tyres and find a few options. Among the choices are the Nokian eLine 2 and the Nokian Wetproof tyres, but you also have the Nokian Line and Nokian iLine.  These are both great summer tyres that can handle both the dry summer roads as well as the wet and challenging roads which you can experience during or after heavy rains. Wet conditions are more challenging as you have less grip and therefore longer braking distance.

You can easily compare between different tyres wet grip as it is mentioned on the EU tyre label, which makes it easy to find as all tyres sold within the EU will have to have this label visible on the tyre to make comparison easy for the consumers. You can also see how the tyres compare on fuel efficiency, which correlates to low rolling resistance. This also impacts the wear of the tyres as you drive. On the label you can also see external tyre noise, which impacts the driving comfort and can become disturbing if you have an electric car or hybrid. An AA-rated tyres that can be seen in brochure or that the tyres are described as AA-rated, means that they score highest, i.e. class A in both fuel efficiency and wet grip, making them a very good option for driving during the summers.

Summer tyres are great for the summer season, while if you live in areas that will experience some spells of winter conditions during the year, you will need to complement the summer tyres with a set of winter tyres or then all-weather tyres that are winter approved during that period. Summer tyres are by no means capable of handling winter conditions such as sub-zero temperatures and weathers that include snow, ice and slush. Summer tyres will become hard at low temperatures and can’t provide the necessary grip needed plus the fact that the tread isn’t designed for handling snow and ice.

If you own an electric car or a hybrid you should choose the Nokian eLine, or the Nokian Line which are recommended for use on these vehicles. Their low rolling resistance is ideal for low wear and enabling long distance per each charge. The Nokian Line is more for the powerful mid-sized vehicles, that can drive at higher speeds.

Summer tyres always have to be paired with winter tyres if you will use your car in winter conditions. They should be mounted early enough so that you don’t risk being caught with summer tyres when you already have snow and ice on the streets. Since the winter tyres outperform summer tyres at low temperatures you should change already as the temperatures start reaching zero degrees. You should also keep them after the winter long enough so that you make sure that that winter season has passed and will not return. It can often happen that you will have nice spring weather just to see the snow returning the following week. You do however need to make sure that you adhere the local regulations as for how when the winter tyres need to be mounted and for when they can’t be used.

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