Why Would a Building Inspection Engineer be a Member of NABIE?

Building inspection has been a specialty in the engineering industry for 50 years, and professionals go through rigorous validations to ensure their knowledge and skills keep up with industry standards.

Among other agencies and organizations that accredit engineers, only the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers (NABIE) provides the highest quality certification recognized by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).

With the standards of NABIE, clients can rest assured, knowing they will only hire the most capable engineers in the industry. These professionals are equipped with years of experience in the field and have been validated through comprehensive examinations.

Moreover, the organization’s members strictly follow the NABIE Code of Ethics to ensure their work is in the best interests of the client.

Certified professional engineers are essential for clients needing a thorough inspection of the property they want to purchase. In areas like New Jersey, which is experiencing a rising demand for real estate, buyers need to ensure that they are getting a good property deal.

Residents from neighboring areas like New York are opting to move to the state, and property sellers are taking advantage of this surge in the market.

While properties in the area can quickly be sold to determined buyers, these potential owners need to ensure the integrity of the structure they will purchase, whether for residential or commercial purposes.

A NABIE-certified NJ Structural Engineer can help a prospective property buyer with a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection report and advise them on the necessary actions to take before finalizing their purchase.

An unbiased and detailed report on the structure will inform potential owners if the property is in good condition or needs repairs. Knowing its physical status can help clients with their financial decision.

To learn more about the credentials of a NABIE-certified Building Inspection Engineer, an infographic is provided below.