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Lessons from Coronavirus: How to Maintain Your Health [Infographic]

Lessons from Coronavirus: How to Maintain Your Health. The continuous modernity we are achieving has been halted because of yet another pandemic that contaminated us worldwide. All economic operation was stopped because of the implemented enhanced community quarantine caused by COVID-19.


The Corona Virus Disease 2019 is an infectious illness that is believed to have zoonotic heritages. Experts believed that it has a genetic similarity to bat coronaviruses – although there is no concrete indication to prove this study. Professionals also measured that it is the SARS-CoV-2, considering that a virus has a big possibility to transfigure throughout the time.


Once an individual was infected by the virus, they will experience fever, cough, nausea, headache, sore throat, and fatigue. These are only mild symptoms that can easily be cured for healthy people. However, when the person who was infested has a weak immune system or already has a previous ailment that will trigger the disease; chest pain, shortness of breathing, new confusion, bluish of lips or face, and can’t wake up fully are the severe symptoms that they will undergo to. That COVID-19 can even be the cause of their death, once it hasn’t been treated. 


This is the primary reason why the government still implements a home quarantine. In able for the virus to halt its continuous diffusion. 


Nonetheless, as a normal citizen, you also have the power to help with stopping its dispersion – and that is through maintaining good health. Staying healthy is the perfect gift that you can provide to yourself during the contagion. Applying for a health insurance PH can also be a grand endowment to one’s self, seeing that it will help them cover their hospital bill payments in the future.


Filipino must be mindful of how to take care of their welfare. Being cautious with their health is only essential – most especially, to avoid any instances that may occur.


To fully achieve maintaining the good health of oneself, iChoose.PH, the most known car insurance Molino, has constructed an infographic aimed to provide information regarding how to maintain your health while the pandemic lingers: