Things To Do When You Capture Voice Calls In Your Business

Even though enterprise text messaging is currently considered to be the fastest growing trend in enterprise mobile communications, there is no denying the fact that a great number of employees still use voice calls to communicate with customers and their colleagues. Due to this, companies that have allowed their employees to use their smartphones and other mobile devices to make business related phone calls should have clear policies and systems in place to make sure they stay compliant with various voice call recording regulations and capture voice calls.

However, when capturing voice calls and messages in your company, there are various best practices for enterprise recording compliance that you are supposed to follow. First of all, you are supposed to always notify the caller that their call will be recorded for compliance reasons. If they continue to call, it shows that they agree to the terms and conditions of the recording.  The best and easiest way to notify callers that you are about to record their call is to play a pre-recorded prompt that broadcasts the terms and conditions of the voice call recording, whereby the caller is supposed to press  a designated key on their mobile device to continue.

Another thing you need to when you decide to capture voice calls from your employees and customers is establish clear standards for data access. It is important to make sure that only authorized individuals can be able to access the archive database, for instance those that retain information that is related to financial information of customers, order records as well as employees correspondence across different channels. Remember that regulators emphasize protection and privacy of data, which may include details as seemingly minor as client address and phone number.

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