Tips For Choosing A Basic PPE Kit

If you are looking to purchase a basic PPE kit, you need to know what it should be inclusive of in order to avoid ending up with the wrong kit. A good PPE should include items such as protective helmets, gloves, safety footwear, high visibility clothing safety harnesses as well as respiratory proactive equipment.

Eye protection gear is primarily meant for protecting eyes from foreign bodies. An example is safety goggles.  In different PPE kits, you will find a variety of safety goggles, including the regular broad frame goggles, overall protection goggles, UR protective goggles and more.  It is a good idea to choose a kit that has scratch resistant and chemical resistant goggles. Durability and reusability will depend on the type of kit that you will choose.

Another essential component of a basic PPE kit is a fall protection suit, or bodysuit. These coverall suits are usually made of different types of materials that are non-permeable and non-woven in order to provide maximum protection from germs.  They are available in different sizes and often feature elastic on the back in order to provide a good grip.

Also check for hand protection gear when looking for a good basic PPE kit to purchase.  Gloves are without doubt an important part of PPE kits. Most kits usually come with disposable gloves that can be discarded after one-time wear in order to minimize the risk of infection. But you may also come across kits that have reusable gloves, which you will need to clean thoroughly after each use. Depending on your needs as well as the sensitivity of your skin, you can choose from nitrile-coated gloves, latex gloves, heat resistant gloves, plastic gloves and so on.

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