A Look At The E-Light Hair Removal Method

If you are tired of shaving, plucking or waxing your hair every now and then, the e-light hair removal procedure may be exactly what you need.  At Orchidia Med Spa  in Naples FL, the ultimate  permanent hair removal with e-light is offered, which is basically a technology that combines  intense pulsed light with  radio frequency.  This  advanced combination has proven to be effective where other systems have failed.

E-light hair removal is a suitable treatment especially for those  who are aiming towards permanent hair removal.  Radio frequency technology reaches  the middle and deeper layer of the skin  by heating the tissue. Because of this, less energy is needed to be applied during the intense pulsed light treatment, something that in turn leads to greater results that are obtained with a fewer number of sessions.

The energy that is generated by  the e-light is transformed into  heat which permanently destroys the hair bulb without affecting the rest of the  cutaneous structures. Discomfort is minimized by the cooling system that is provided  by the equipment.

The number of e-light permanent hair removal treatments  that you will have to undergo  may vary depending on the type of hair,  the density,  the method that you normally use to shave, the sensitivity of the skin, the area to be treated as well as the response of your body to the treatment. However, with the superior e-light machines from  Orchidia Med Spa,  just six sessions are sufficient  to get the desired results.

An important advantage of e-light hair removal over the traditional laser treatment is that it is the only effective method for dark, blond, and brown hair. It is also suitable for all skin types: dark, white, sensitive or mature.

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