Body Contouring With Vanquish ME in Lafayette, LA

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If you are looking for a way to get rid of stubborn pockets of unwanted fat from your body in Lafayette, LA, body contouring is a method that you should consider trying. You may have already tried many other techniques without seeing the results that you hoped for. You should not give up just yet until you see what body contouring can do for you.

So what is body contouring? Also referred to as body sculpting, body contouring is a treatment that removes fat and reshapes your body in order to improve the aesthetic. The treatments are normally done using non-surgical methods, but there are some people who choose to undergo surgery or liposuction, such as a tummy tuck. You are better off using non-invasive and non-surgical treatments because of the reduced risk as well as simple recovery time that is involved with these treatments.

Vanquish ME that is offered at Allure Enhancement Center is the best solution if you are looking for a good treatment for body contouring Lafayette.  It is a body sculpting treatment developed by BTL which melts away unwanted fat from the body using RF energy. If you have stubborn fat that is difficult to remove with diet and exercise, you can experience relief when you start using Vanquish ME.  It is a unique treatment among other body sculpting treatments since people with BMIs over 30 can still use it. Vanquish ME’s harness can also be used for treating larger target areas compared to most handheld treatments, and it does not touch the patient’s skin.

With Vanquish ME, you can treat a large section of your body simultaneously.  The harness usually focuses on the waist, but it can also be used for treating the bra strap area, lower back, abdomen and thighs.

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