A Look At The Importance Of Testosterone For Muscle Building

Photo of Man With Muscular Body

How important is testosterone for muscle building? If this is something that you are trying to figure out  right now,  you have come to the right place. Testosterone is a steroid hormone of the androgen group which occurs in vertebrates.  This hormone plays a very crucial role  in protein synthesis,  and it is usually produced by the reproductive organs, that is, ovaries and testicles.

So how does testosterone build muscle?  Primarily, testosterone plays a very important role in the development of male reproductive tissues.  This hormone also promotes secondary sexual characteristics  like  muscle growth,  bone mass as well as growth of body hairs.

In general, androgens are known for promoting protein synthesis.  Testosterone produces both androgenic and anabolic affects. Androgenic effects refer to thing such as  growth of beard and other body hairs, maturation of sex organs,  and  deepening of the voice. Anabolic effects refer  to things such as  increased bone density, growth in muscles mass and strength as well as stimulation of linear growth.

So how does testosterone build muscle? High levels of testosterone can help you build muscles.  This hormone  also stimulates  growth in strength. However,  even with higher testosterone levels in your system, if you do not exercise,  there will be no significant  increase in muscle.  This means that you need to accompany high testosterone levels with workout  if you want it to be useful for body building.

In case of low testosterone levels, there are ways that you can use to boost it  naturally. There are testosterone boosting steroids, and there are also natural ways for increasing testosterone levels. It is not a good idea to risk on unknown steroids  that claim to boost your testosterone levels. Instead , you should use  natural ways such as getting enough sleep and having more sex.

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