Things To Know About Microblading

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What is microblading and how long does it last? Well, this is something that you may be interested to know if you  are considering giving this procedure a try.  It is the wish of every woman to have thick,  long beautiful eyebrows. However, skin conditions, genetics and other factors  can  make your eyebrows look undesirable. The good news is that with microblading, you can be able to  glam up your brows for  a more beautiful upper face.

Microblading treatment is a specialized process that involves implanting pigment into the superficial layers of the skin to resemble eyebrow hair.  It is an ideal treatment for people that have experienced hair loss and would like to restore the appearance of natural-looking eyebrows.

So how does microblading work? Unlike eyebrow tattoos, this treatment is considered to be a semi-permanent solution for getting  fine eyebrows.  If the procedure is performed properly, the results can last between one to three years.

There are several factors that affect the longevity of the results that you will get from microblading. Among them include your age, skin health, skin type,  daily skin care routine, adherence to aftercare instructions, sun exposure  as well as environmental factors.

It is a good idea to  include maintenance microblading treatments as part of your skincare routine for about once every year. There is  no standard time to go for a follow up treatment, but it is a good idea to go for a maintenance appointment whenever you feel the need to use a pencil to darken the microbladed eyebrows again.

If you want to extend the longevity of the results of this treatment,  you should follow all the aftercare instructions that  the doctor will provide.  Make sure  that you always put on screen before going out, even in winter and during days when it is overcast.

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