What Is The Wet Sock Therapy?

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You have probably  heard of wet sock treatment and are wondering if it is something that you could try. It is basically a natural and drug-free method of stimulating the  immune system and zapping the flu or cold. This is a hormone treatment that has been commonly prescribed by physicians and it involves putting on very cold socks and sleeping in them.

While the wet sock therapy sounds strange, it is something that has been tested and proven to work because it rallies the body’s defenses  to fight against the condition or affliction. In reaction to the cold socks, the body increases circulation, which in turn stimulates the immune system. Using cold socks to stimulate the immune system systematically enhances the entire system  and enhances  the fight against the nasty condition or virus, something that helps minimize the suffering as well as length of the duration.

You do not have to be skeptical about the wet sock treatment because it is something that has been used successfully for hundreds of years. The purpose of this therapy is to draw blood and lymphatic  flow away from the head towards the feet, stimulate the immune system, induce fever and create sense of calmness.

You are probably interested in knowing wet sock treatment side effects before you go ahead and give this therapy a try. Among the general contraindications of this treatment include neuropathy (burning  or freezing feet) asthmatics (may cause an asthmatic attack because of the cold exposure and improved immune system) and may cause high fever (temperature 100F or higher). This treatment may also cause fever in pregnant women and cachexia (if you are very weak or wasting, you should not perform this stimulating procedure).

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