Laser Hair Removal In The Summer – Is It Possible?

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal in the Summer

Can you get laser hair removal in the summer? This is a  question that you are probably asking yourself right now if you are not sure about having a laser hair removal procedure done on you during the hot months of the year.

There are some people who have completely ruled out getting laser hair removal in the summer with  concerns regarding tanning,  sun exposure as well as their effects on this procedure. This myth is completely false. You can  get  laser treatments and laser hair removal done in summer without worrying that it can affect you badly. While there were some concerns about this technology when it first started, the newer generation lasers feature advanced technology  that allows them to  safely bypass the skin  and find melanin pigments so as to safely remove hair. However, it is advisable to avoid running outside or start  soaking in the sun’s rays before undergoing this treatment. It is a good idea to wait until after the treatment.

Another  myth that may be stopping you from getting  laser hair removal in summer is that you cannot get laser hair removal with a tan. This myth is absolutely false. It is very possible to get laser hair removal with a tan. With modern technologies such as the LightSheer Duet   that has settings  that enable technicians  to  easily treat darker skin types, you can tan and still have hair laser removal done on you. However, since the skin color is closer to the color of your pigment,  the settings of the laser cannot be as aggressive as they would have been if you did not have a tan. A good specialist will be aware of this fact.

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