Important Things To Know About Breast Implant Animation Revision


breast implant animation

In most surgical procedures, side effects exist and breast augmentation is no exemption.  The common problem some people experience when they undergo this procedure is called breast implant animation. Fortunately, you can act with immediate effect in order to remedy any  deformity in breast implants  by understanding what this condition is as well as how it is commonly addressed by the experienced surgeon at Esse Plastic Surgery.

So what exactly is animation deformity? This is a relatively common condition  that most people who get breast implants experience.  It is hallmarked by excessive movement of  the implants, and can also include  the distortion of the implant itself.

Animation deformity occurs when only half of the pectoralis muscle covers the impact, something that results into the implant moving  whenever you flex or move that part of your body. Activities such as weightlifting can aggravate this condition.

If you feel like  you have breast implant animation, you do not have to panic because it is something that can be corrected. When you go to Esse Plastic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale, the qualified plastic surgeon at this center will treat this condition successfully because it is something that they are experienced in.  They will correctly diagnose  your animation deformity and figure out the best way treat it.

Repairing breast implant animation require that  you undergo surgery so that the implant can be completely covered with pectorals muscle. When it is covered properly by the muscle, it will be effectively compartmentalized, and it will no longer move in and out of placement as it did before the surgery. Replacement of the implant can ensure that it is not distorted when you flex, exercise, or just move the upper body.

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