A Look At Inner Thigh Liposuction

Inner Thigh Liposuction

If you are  tired of inner thigh chaffing or feel like your skirts and slacks would look and fit better if your thighs were a little bit  slicker and more shapely, the solution you need is liposuction inner thighs.  This is a treatment that is offered by Ideal Face and  Body in Beverly Hills CA. It is one of the most requested types of liposuction by women who are having a hard time eliminating stubborn fat in the thigh area using diet and exercise.

Inner thigh liposuction at Ideal Face and Body is conducted using Precisions Sculpt Technology, which is a unique minimally invasive fat removal procedure.  This treatment targets the soft fat tissue found on the inner thigh. If done properly,  it will improve the silhouette of the  thigh and restore the thigh gap, which is something that most women desire.

This procedure can also eliminate the friction and chaffing that usually occurs when thighs become heavy and rub together. It can also be done  on your  knees,  if you need or desire it, as part of the same treatment.

So how does liposuction inner thigh? It  is a kind of gentler version of the liposuction that you already know. When you go to a plastic surgeon to have this procedure done, a tiny tube known as a cannula will be inserted into  the  target area through a very small incision. This tube will direct  laser energy as well as heat towards the treatment area. The heat will soften the fat and make it easier to move. The laser heat will also spur the production of collagen in the body, something that will leave the  skin in the treatment area firm and contoured.

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