A Look At The Venus Viva Treatment For Stretch Marks

If pregnancy or an otherwise successful weight loss plan has left you with stretch marks that are making it awkward for you to go the gym or beach, you can use the venus viva treatment to quickly and safely eliminate them. This treatment can also resurface and restore your skin by eliminating signs of aging and scars.  To know more about this treatment, reach out to Orlando dermatology in Orlando FL for more details.

So what exactly is venus viva treatment? It is a skin resurfacing treatment from venus treatments that can rejuvenate your skin in quick and painless treatment sessions. It is a non-invasive treatment that does not involve any surgery. It uses microneedles and pulses to boost the collagen production of the skin.  Collagen is the substance in the body that is responsible for rebuilding the skin when it is damaged and increasing its elasticity. After the treatment, your skin will be left feeling renewed and youthful. It is a treatment option that can be used to address various skin conditions as well as damage to the skin which is caused by lifestyle and aging.

So, does venus viva really work on stretch marks?  Stretch marks usually form when the skin is stretched because of weight gain, pregnancy and hormones.  They can be pale or dark, and can look like tears or cracks in your skin.  This treatment option is without doubt an excellent choice for treating the stretch marks. The nanofractional RF energy creates collagen which goes ahead to rejuvenate the scarred skin, reducing the appearance and getting rid of stretch marks. The collagen will restructure and rebuild your skin where the stretch marks have formed.

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