Dental Implants at Parkwood Dental

Missing teeth is not fun at all. Not only can it affect your bite, but the remaining teeth can also move and shift to fill these gaps with time. The good thing is that at Parkwood Dental, you can get dental implants that can permanently restore your full smile. This clinic is located in East Brandeton in Florida, and it is led by Dr.  Oscar Hernandez.

Maybe you do not know much about dental implants and are wondering exactly what they are. They are permanent devices that screw into the jaw and act as replacement tooth roots. These implants create a solid foundation for a customized fake tooth that is either permanent or removable, and it can fit seamlessly with the rest of the teeth.

So what happens during the dental implant procedure at Parkwood dental? During the placement of an implant, a small titanium rod is screwed into the bone socket of the missing teeth. When the jaw is in the healing process, it grows around the implant and fixes the rod into place. After the jawbone has healed, another piece is attached to the road in order to secure the tooth.

There are various reasons why people get dental implants. There are some who do it for improved speech, increased comfort and improved ability to bite and chew. There are also some who get these implants to prevent dentures from slipping and increased mouth health overall as the implants do not affect the surrounding teeth. Other people do it for the convenience of being permanently fixed in the mouth instead of being removable and for long lasting results – the dental implants last a longer period of time compared to temporary fixes.

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