Tips On How To Rewire Your Brain Sexually

If you are looking for answers on how to rewire your brain sexually, Dr Pearlman of PearlMD rejuvenation can be of great help to you. Sexual desire, thoughts and fantasies are the output of our sexual brain which is designed to help get your entire body ready for you engage in sex and enjoy it to the fullest. An underactive libido is something that most women complain about and it affects about two thirds of women after the age of 50. Sexual problems among women are largely underdiagnosed and under-treated because of lack of approved treatment options.

To rewire you brain sexually, one of the things that Dr Pearlman advises that you should do is to be present and get primal. Since women are multi-taskers, they tend to be less able compared to men  to set aside their worries as well as the endless  mental to-do list and simply be present in the moment when  they are having sex. For the best sexual arousal and enjoyment, you must quite your cognitive mind and clear the mental state.

Dr. Pearlman of PearlMD rejuvenation also advises that you should inspire intimacy as a way of rewiring your brain sexually. Women are far more likely to report sexual satisfaction in a supportive relationship. For women, intimacy is key to a healthy libido. Cultivating and maintaining a relationship that is supportive can be a labor of love, and it is something that takes effort from both parties in the relationship. With the busy lives that most us live today, it can take advanced planning to be able to pave the way to more connectedness. Things such as candlelit dinners, childless date nights as well as gestures of affection are a great way to inspire intimacy.

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