A Look At IPL from Timeless Laser And Skin Care

If you have true age spots or solar lentigines that are caused by UV damage to the skin, you do not have to worry because they can be treated with IPL photogenesis from Timeless Laser And Skin Care. Solar lentigines are flat oval areas of increased pigmentation, which are usually gray or brown in color. They occur on the skin that has experienced the most sun exposure over the years, for instance the chest, shoulders, face as well as back of the hands. They range from freckle-size to more than a half inch across, and they can group together and become more prominent.

PhotoGenesis is a good treatment if your only concern is brown spots. However, if there is redness associated with those brown spots, the ideal treatment will be LimeLight. Both treatment modalities usually deliver light energy that is selectively absorbed by the pigment. The brown spots darken initially and look like ground pepper flakes. But within just two weeks, the darkened spots are going to fade or flake off.  It will take several weeks for you to get an optimal outcome.

Immediately after getting the IPL treatment, you may notice a slight reddening surrounding your skin, but is will subside within just a couple of hours.  The brown spots will start darkening just within 24 hours of the treatment. They may appear like ground pepper and will continue darkening until the spots flake off or fade after ten to fourteen days.

There are various areas that can be treated with the Timeless Laser And Skin Care IPL. You can use it to treat any parts of your body with true age spots, freckles, or solar lentigines.  The chest, face, hands and shoulders are the most popular areas for IPL.

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