The Pros And Cons Of Breast Implant Removal

If you are considering having your breast implants removed, it is important that you educate yourself on the pros and cons of breast implant removal so as to decide whether it is the right thing to do. One thing that you can be sure of is that you are not the only person thinking about having your breast implants removed. According to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, approximately 45,000 women have had a breast implant procedure done since the year 2017.

There quite a number of benefits of having a breast implant removal done. Depending on the placement of the breast implants, they can make your mammograms quite difficult. The type of implants that you will choose is going to make to affect the results of your mammogram, for instance saline or silicone. If the implants are above the pectoral muscle, the mammogram will not be able to see that area using imaging devices. Removing the implants will make the mammogram results clearer, which is very important especially if you come from a family that has a history of breast cancer. Removing breast implants will also reduce or eliminate pain and boost your confidence.

While removing breast implants has advantages, it also has its downsides. The most common downsides include sagging, loose skin, infection as well as loss of feeling in the nipples. Other disadvantages associated with the removal include loss of confidence and anesthesia complications. You may also pay a lot of money to have the breast implants removed, unless of course the procedure is necessitated by a health problem.

Now that you know what to expect after breast implant removal, it is up to you to decide which direction to go. The most important decision is how you will feel afterward.

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