Things To Know About Root Canal Winchester

Root canal Winchester is required when the nerve of a tooth is affected by either infection or decay. For that tooth to be saved, the pulp, nerves, bacteria as well as any decay is removed. The resulting space is filled with special, medicated, dental materials that restore the full function of the tooth.

The root canal treatment is recommended when it comes to saving teeth that would have otherwise died and have to be removed.  A lot of people believe that the solution to a tooth that has a problem is removing it, but what they do not realize is that extracting a tooth can ultimately be more costly and lead to significant problems to the adjacent teeth.

The good thing about root canal Woburn is that it is highly successful and lasts a lifetime. But you may need to retreat the tooth occasionally because of new infections.

So who exactly needs root canal therapy? You need this treatment if you have an abscess or pimple on the gums, severe toothache pain, sensitivity to hold or cold foods or water, or swelling and tenderness. You need to get root canal Woburn if the decay has reached the living tissue inside the tooth, abscess or infection has developed inside the tooth or at the tip root, or there is injury or trauma to the tooth.

A root canal Winchester procedure requires one or several appointments, and it can be performed by an endodontist.  While the tooth in question is numb, a rubber dam will be placed around it in order to keep it dry as well as free of saliva. An access opening will be made on top of the tooth and a series of root canal files will be placed into opening, removing the nerve tissue, pulp and bacteria.

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