Adjusting to the New Normal with the Help of PPE Care Kits

COVID-19 has ruined many lives and it is vital to be mindful of the things you can do or should do to minimize the people around you being infected by the virus or worse. You need to wash your hands often first. You need to use soap and water to wash your hands and wash them for at least 20 seconds, particularly after you have been in a public area.

Before eating or cooking food, before touching your face, after using the toilet, after handling your mask, after caring for someone who is ill or after touching something, it is very important to wash your hands. You need to use a hand sanitiser or alcohol after washing your hands and rub them together until they feel dry.

If your hands are filthy, please remember to avoid rubbing your eyes, nose and mouth. Avoiding direct touch is the next important thing. Particularly when you’re at home, you shouldn’t be close to someone who is sick. Put 6 feet of space between yourself and other individuals when outside the house.

Check this infographic to learn how you can adapt to the new normal with the help of PPE care kits.

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Adjusting%20To%20The%20New%20Normal%20with%20The%20Help%20of%20PPE%20Care%20Kits 01