Dermaplaning From A Younger You Medical Spa in Burlington, WI


If you have a dry skin or peach fuzz that is making your skin look dull, a facial treatment such as dermaplaning is exactly what you need.  This treatment will eliminate dead skin as well as tiny hairs and leave you with a youthful and glowing look.  If you are not sure which treatment to use, simply call A Younger You Medical Spa in Burlington, WI, for a consultation right now.

So, what is dermaplaning? It is an exfoliating skin treatment that does not require any harsh chemicals. This treatment gets rid of tiny hairs and dead skin cells from the outermost layers of the skin and gives it a chance to restore itself. There are various ways that this treatment can help you, including eliminating acne scars as well as dark areas on your face. People who have dull and uneven textures skin and fine hairs can benefit from this treatment. It can be used to smooth out the skin in the cheeks, chin, forehead, nose and check.

What should you do after dermaplaning? After this treatment, you can go back to your regular day to day activities because there is no healing or downtime period. Removal of dead skin cells does not cause significant damage, and the best part is that your skin is going to heal quickly. After the treatment, you are supposed to follow general skincare habits in order to prevent the fresh skin from getting damaged.  Make sure that you clean and hydrate the skin, and also make sure that the skin is protected from direct sunlight either by coverage or use of sunscreen that prevents UVA and UVB rays from damaging your skin.

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