Is Laser Tattoo Removal Really Worth It?

how long does it take for a tattoo to fade

When most people get tattoos, the plan is usually to keep them forever. But as time goes by, some people fall out of love with those tattoos and want them removed. The good news is that a tattoo you regret does not need to be on your skin permanently. You can use laser tattoo removal to restore your skin to its former clear appearance without the scarring of the older tattoo removal procedures.

Tattoos are made up of thousands of ink particles that are injected into the skin and then suspended to create a pattern.  Since the tattoo pigment particles are too large to be eliminated from the skin during filtering, they are permanent, and the most previous tattoo removal fading techniques removed the top layer of the skin and left a scar.

Laser tattoo removal makes use of a powerful, pulsed light to pass through the skin and break up the old pigment particles to much smaller fragments that can be filtered out by the body’s skin and lymphatic system. This eliminates the need for a chemical or surgical tattoo removal because the tattoo will fade naturally.

You are probably wondering how long for tattoo to fade after laser. Well, any redness from this procedure should be able to fade in the day after the tattoo is treated, as the skin starts the healing process and filters out the particles.  However, the time that it takes for the tattoo itself to fade can vary depending on the size as well as darkness of the ink used.  Within 2 to 3 three weeks, you should see the tattoos start fading, but  larger tattoo removal may require more than one treatment.

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