Things To Know About Areola Reduction For Men

areola reduction surgery for men

A lot of people are familiar with the idea of women having breast reduction and augmentation surgeries performed on them. However, there is also areola reduction for men, which is a cosmetic surgery that is performed in the breast area for breast reduction and areola reduction. Men that have gland or adipose tissue that has accumulated under the areola or slightly extends past the areola area are good candidates for this procedure. In the case where the areola is enlarged more than the typical size for a man, areola reduction surgery for men can offer a more flat and masculine appearance.

Areola reduction is actually a minor surgical procedure when it is performed as a solo procedure without any other surgeries. General anesthesia, local anesthesia or conscious sedation can be used depending on the person. Since the pigment that is responsible for darkening the areola is found in the superficial layer of the skin, only a delicate out layer of the skin will be removed. The excess pigmented skin is excised, and then small stitches are positioned to hold the new areola into the skin that surrounds it.

So what exactly does the men areola reduction surgery does? This surgery reshapes or reduces the size of the areola to help men attain a more attractive and more masculine chest. While it is just a minor procedure that only takes about an hour or two to perform, if it is done properly, it can have a huge effect on your confidence as well as self-image.

You are an ideal candidate for areola reduction for men if you have puffy areolas, large areolas, or prominent nipples. If you do not undergo this procedure to change this, it can be a cause for great embarrassment as well as lower self-esteem.

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