Newton Sales Promotion

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions

Enhancing brand awareness, sales increase, and store reputation improvement are only a few of the reasons why sales promotions are well known in the business industry.

Who wouldn’t be excited to save money when purchasing?

From rebates to free coupons and discounts, everyone starts to get crazy for shopping whenever these red labels begin to appear as they always look forward to their chance to save money. Sales promotions have played a significant role for business owners, specifically in luring customer attention and purchase decisions. However, sales promotion is widespread with its valuable contribution. Every store owner is getting meticulous and inventive to keep up with the competition making it more complex to keep up.

Luckily, SOLUM has been very innovative as they present their excellent marketing tool: Newton.

Newton is a wireless electronic shelf label designed to extend every business owner’s expectation for shelf labels with features beyond your imagination. Its sleek design can come in 12 different sizes, providing you the best options to choose the ideal size you are looking for shelf labels, which are also easy to attach with wire shelf label holders.

Convenience is one of Newton’s vital factors as it provides various advantages and benefits for its users, one of which is the self-checkout system.

Payment has never been easier with this system; apart from saving you from the agony of long cashier lines, it also lets you access product information and more. Furthermore, for more user-interaction Newton also has two buttons developed to perform the following functions:

  • Switch Page
  • Low Stock Report
  • Request Service Help
  • Send System Report

This revolutionary marketing tool never stops there; with its bright LED light that’s visible up to 180 degrees, it is guaranteed that your label’s design is precise and apparent. Moreover, with Newton changing battery after five years is now a part of the past as SOLUM have managed to design a battery that can last up to ten years with just the same price.
Standout from the rest and know more about how Newton can help you keep up with the competition through this infographic from SOLUM.

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions