A Look At Men’s Acne Problems

Why Female Acne is Treated Different Than Men ft

Men’s skin is not the same as women’s skin. It is oilier, has larger pores, and can  be more prone to acne compared to women’s skin. Men also have more sweat compared to women. Some of the hormones that drive acne problems in men are not present in women, and the acne-inducing hormones in men are different compared to those in men.   Because of this, you cannot treat adult acne men  and women the same way.

Even though adolescent boys  tend to have bad acne because of the excessive sebum that they produce,  older men can also get acne that is usually triggered by hormones.   These hormones lead to  an increase in sebum production, something that instigates the breakouts. Androgen is the  hormone that is to blame  for this. Even though these hormones are available in women,  men have more of them. The acne breakouts can become worse when you sweat as  a result of exercise or heat. Some medications can also trigger adult acne in men, such as costeroids and lithium.

When a man gets acne problems,  his face  is more likely to scar from it because of the severity of the outbreaks. Even though men have more severe acne compared to women, a lot of men that have adult acne  problems also struggled as teenagers. An important thing to note  is that in men, ingrown hairs from a poor shaving can be easily confused with acne. If you are a man, it is a good idea to seek out professional treatment if your acne flare ups do not respond well to over the counter solutions. While acne can be annoying and bothersome, it rarely has a deep impact socially or psychologically.

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