How To Avoid Overdone Lips

Avoid overdone lips

Looking for a reputable cosmetic surgeon Pennsylvania is very important if you want to avoid a cosmetic surgery that is gone wrong.  The last thing you want is to end up with overdone lips that will make you look bad when your intention  for the surgery was to improve your looks for the better.  Lip augmentation should look natural, and not like it is a part of a  bad Halloween costume.

So what is the secret to naturally enhanced lips?  One of the things you should do for this procedure to be successful is simply look for a reliable Pennsylvania cosmetic surgeon.   The goal of this procedure is to simply make your lips larger.  Even if your lips are so small or non-existent, the goal should be to sculpt the lips and not inflating them.

If you have nice lips that have deflated over time, the cosmetic surgeon that you will choose should focus  on replacing the volume  along the areas  where the volume has been lost, such as the philtral columns, the cupid’s bow, the oral commissures and the vermillion red border of the lips.  For many people, the perfect lip  is one where the ratio of the top lip to the bottom one is 1: 1.6.

The top lip has a  more central pouty fullness that tapers while the bottom lip is more robust, especially in the middle half. But there are some people who have totally different ratios that also look beautiful.

The best fillers for the lips include hyaluronic acid fillers, Juvederm Ultra Plus, or Perlane. Restylane can also work, depending on your needs. If you want a fine, superficial vertical whistle or smoker’s lip lines, consider Prevelle Silk or Boletero Balance.

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