Using Botox Around Mouth

Do you suffer from unwanted lines and wrinkles around your mouth or lips?  If this is what you are faced with, Botox may be the ideal solution.  Since cosmetic surgeons have extensive knowledge of your face muscles, they can use Botox to make this area appear plumper and smoother.  The best place to go for Botox injections if you are in Severna Park, MD, is Adoro Medical Spa.

Nowadays, a lot of people turn to lip fillers to enhance their appearance.  Most of these lip fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that naturally occurs in the body, and is also present in many beauty products.  Botox is also a common substance when it comes to enhancing beauty. It is an injectable substance that contains botulinum toxin that is used in a lot of cosmetic treatments. When Botox is injected in small amounts, it can weaken the muscles around the mouth as well as other areas for 3 to 6 months.

During this time, the muscles will relax, and the wrinkles and fine lines will diminish until the toxins wear off. With every injection, the fine lines and wrinkles will continue to disappear, even though the treatments are supposed to be performed on a regular basis for optimal results.

So, what can it help with Botox around the mouth?  Botox injection can minimize certain lines and wrinkles that form on and around the mouth and lips.  This includes wrinkles and fine lines that are performed by smiling, laughing, smoking, kissing, aging, and frowning. Botox can also elevate the corners of your mouth and correct that gummy smile.  It can also be used to enhance the upper lip, which is also referred to as a Botox lip flip.

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