Tips On How To Sell Bitcoin In Philippines

How To Sell Bitcoin In Philippines

Knowing how to sell bitcoin in Philippines is very important if you have decided to have bitcoin as an investment. You need to know how to turn your bitcoin into a profit if you want your investment to be worthwhile.  There are different ways to go about it depending on whether you would like to sell on an exchange platform or directly, but the following are some of the things that you can do in order to sell your bitcoin more easily.

First of all, you need to set up an exchange account.  The easiest and most automated way of turning bitcoin into hard cash is via an exchange platform.  They act as the middlemen for the famously decentralized cryptocurrency for selling bitcoin on your behalf.  Just make sure that you choose a well-established exchange platform to have an easy time buying and selling bitcoin.

Creating an account at an exchange platform is easy, but there are some hoops that you may have to jump through. For instance, you may to comply with different forms of your KYC rules, which may mean sending the site some identity documents. That can take a few days to process. After the account has been created, you will need to link your bank account so that when a trade is made,  you can get cash out very easily.

Another thing you should do to be able to sell bitcoin in Philippines is transfer your bitcoin to your exchange wallet. Your bitcoin is stored in a secure wallet. To be able to trade on an exchange platform,  you should transfer your bitcoin  to an exchange wallet and keep it there, ready to be sold.

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