Things To Know About Cummins Chips

Cummins chips can give your car more power and torque, and also a smoother ride and improved MPGs.  The most common purpose of these chips is to increase horsepower, but they can also provide sharper throttle response, better fuel economy as well as higher torque for towing heavy loads.

In the old days, you had yank out your car’s s engine control unit and send it to a specialist for flashing and tuning.  These days, you can simply plug a chip or tuner into your car’s OBD2 diagnostic port, and the chip will monitor and improve performance with time. Soon, your vehicle will be running like it has a custom tune, and that is because it does.

The Cummins chips can insert directly into your vehicle’s OBD2 port.   Once it has been installed, it analyzes everything that the engine control unit does and works to make improvements You  can either choose a  more docile economy tune  that can yield higher MPG  in your daily drives,  or you can go all-out and choose a chip that can make as much power as your vehicle is capable of.

So, do Cummins chips have any drawbacks?  Not really. The company that manufactures these chips has spent years researching and developing the best way to tune your car’s engine in a healthy and sustainable manner. Cummins chips are designed to make improvements to your engine without causing any negative side effects.

After installing these chips, you may find yourself developing an intense craving for more power.  This is absolutely normal, and there is no need to call a doctor.  In case this feeling does not go away with time, you may need an extra dose.  You can get packages that go beyond what a typical engine tuner can do.

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