Things To Know About Diesel Performance Chips/Tuners

One of the best ways to  get extra power out of your vehicle  is installing diesel performance chips/tuners. A performance chip is a chip that is installed in your car in order to give it more power and torque, and also improve MPGs and provide a smoother ride.  The tuner is mostly installed in order to increase the horse power, but it can also be used to provide better fuel economy, higher torque,  sharper throttle response, all which are useful when it comes to towing heavy loads. A lot of performance chips can provide all these benefits while at the same time allowing you to choose between  multiple customizable tunes  on the go.

There are many plug and play tuners that can work on different types of vehicles.  You will also come across some specialized tuners  that have a more specific goal in mind. For instance, you may come across a tuner that overrides the cylinder deactivation feature that is found on today’s   V6 and V8 engines, something that ensures that all cylinders are active all  the time  in order to increase throttle response as well as power across the board.  There are also chips that are designed to restore your speedo’s accuracy after gear swaps as well as tire size changes.

Back in the day, you had to yank out the engine control unit of your car and send it to  specialist so that it can be flashed and tuned.  This is no longer the case anymore. You can simply plug diesel performance chips/tuners into your vehicle’s OBD2 diagnostic port  which will monitor and improve performance with time.  Sooner rather than later, your car will be running like it has  a custom tune.

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