Things To Know About Dermaplaning


Dermaplaning could be the perfect solution to your skincare concerns if you are not satisfied with the texture of your skin, if you feel like your favorite makeup and skincare products do not blend or absorb properly into your skin, causing a patchy appearance, or if you notice that dry, dead skin cells or peach fuzz is a source of insecurity whenever you look in the mirror.  This non-invasive exfoliation treatment is offered at Metabolix Wellness Center in Clearwater, Florida.

How often should you do dermaplaning? This is something that you may want to know before giving this procedure a try. Before we go to that, you need to know exactly what dermaplaning is. It is an exfoliation treatment that uses a straight, scalpel-like tool to remove the dead skin buildup as well as vellus hairs from the surface of the skin. If done properly, dermaplaning can significantly improve the overall texture of the skin by creating a smoother and more uniform face. This treatment can also improve  the appearance of common skincare concerns, like signs of aging, acne scars, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and a dull or uneven skin tone by getting rid of dead skin barrier  that prevents restorative products as well as treatments from effectively addressing these issues.

So, how often should you do dermaplaning? Since our skin naturally resurfaces itself about once every month, dermaplaning is not permanent.  The doctor that you will visit can help you decide on a personalized treatment plan depending on your ideal results during your consultation. A lot of people find that one appointment every month keeps their skin smooth and healthy, but more or less frequent treatments are possible depending on how the doctor will advise you.

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