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Understanding diabetes on Aging Adults

Diabetes is a severe condition that causes high blood sugar levels as the body does not produce or use insulin, responsible for converting glucose for energy. While diabetes is manageable if caught early, it can lead to potential complications such as heart disease, kidney damage, stroke, and more, if left untreated.


Most people are familiar with diabetes as one of the most common diseases for older adults. Although diabetes is relevant to all age groups, the elderly are more at risk of such a health burden as their risk increases when people age.


It is best for seniors who have diabetes best to consult a healthcare professional to prevent them from suffering complications. The likelihood of visiting a hospital or emergency room also increases.

Treating and preventing diabetes can be a heavy routine that requires careful monitoring. As such, seeking help from professionals in senior home care ct can help provide them with the degree of care they need.


People can prefer the help of 24 Hour Caregivers Clinton CT if sending seniors away from home is not an option. They provide nutritional assessment and have enough knowledge to take care of older people and prepare a healthy diet plan.


Protect your elderly loved ones from diabetes and know some ways to control the disease by reading this infographic from Euro-American Connections & Homecare