The Benefits Of Dermaplaning At Revive MD Center


When it comes to facial rejuvenation techniques, one procedure that you definitely want to give a try is dermaplaning.  This is a highly effective procedure used for removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells.  The dermaplaning pros at Revive MD Center in Richmond, Virginia, will also remove the layer of vicious hair which often covers the face.  When this procedure is combined with a hydrating mask, you will love the results that you will get.

Dermaplaning is usually the preferred choice for people that have excess vellus hair on their skin. This hair can cause buildup of dirt as well as oil in the follicles, so removing it will give you a healthier looking skin.  This type of exfoliation stimulates regeneration of cells, something that in turn allows skin care products to penetrate the skin in a more efficient manner.

If you have a dry or rough skin texture, dermaplaning is a great treatment for you. Dermaplaning pros is also great for treating aging, mature skin that tends to develop build-up of dead skin cells. Cellular turnover also reduces with age.  With dermaplaning, you will be able to do to your skin what scrubbing cannot do.  While scrubbing can damage the delicate  facial skin,  dermaplaning brightens up the  skin and leaves it smooth and refreshed.

Even though dermaplaning at Revive MD involves the use of a knife, it is a painless procedure which does not draw blood or irritate the skin.  Another thing that you will love about this procedure is the fact that it requires no downtime, meaning that you can go back to work or your normal day to day activities immediately.

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