A Look At The Canadian Candy That You Can Buy At Candy District

Canadian Candy

If you love Canadian candy, you can get it at Candy District.  They have delicious candy collection that includes brands such as Allan Candy, Cadbury, Ganong, Maynards, just to mention a few.  Whether you are looking for old fashioned or retro Canadian candy, you will get what you need at Candy District.

Lotsa Fizz candy is one of the treats that are provided at this online store.  It is a hard shell candy that is filled with an exclusive powder that can surely cause a fizzing sensation inside your mouth. It comes in five fizzy flavours, namely orange, grape, cherry, blue raspberry and green apple.

There is also the Maynard Fuzzy Peach candy that you can buy from this store. This one is an all-around favorite for a lot of people. These delicious Maynards Candy are chewy with a perfect balance of sweet and sour. Their fragrant aroma will leave your mouth watering. They are made with real fruit juice. Maynards Candy is a classic Retro Candy, and the ingredients include sugar, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, tartaric acid, citric acid, concentrated pear juice, natural and artificial flavors, color.

You should also consider trying the Gummy candy from the Candy District online store.  With this one, you will get a flavor of the good old days. The sour soothers candy will pacify you. They are chewy, tangy, sour and perfectly sweet.  You will salivate as your mouth meets the tangy sweet coating. As you bite into them, the sweetness and the sour collide and you will be left with a pleasant fruity taste. They are also known as “sour keys” to some, but they are always known as Classic Canadian Candy.

For more information on Canadian candy, visit our website at https://www.candydistrict.com/