A Look At The Providers At The Right Path Pain And Spine Center

Meet Our Providers

Right Path Pain and Spine Center is a service-oriented, family owned medical practice that specializes in pain relief treatments led by Dr. Porter. At this treatment center, you will find highly skilled providers of regenerative medicine, including PRP and stem cell therapies. They use the most advanced techniques to target degenerated and inflamed tissues. The end result helps in the relief of pain as well as increase of mobility.  Even though medications are sometimes necessary when it comes to stopping pain, at the Right Path, they are viewed as the last resort and not a permanent solution for pain problems.

Among the team of experienced medical professionals at this treatment center is Dr. Tom M. Porter, MD. He is the founder as well as medical director at this treatment center. He is a board certified, highly trained and experienced interventional pain physician who treats all painful conditions of the spine and limbs. Dr. Porter is originally from Toledo. He attended medical school at The Ohio State University and continued his medical education, completing his medical residency as well as fellowship training at the University of South Florida.

From the time that he completed his training and with over the past twenty years of practice, he has established two interventional pain practices in Florida and Ohio.  In doing all these, Dr. Porter has maintained the highest medical standards and ensures that his patients are satisfied with his services.

Another provider that you will meet at the Right Path Pain and Spine Center is Dr. Sheron Farinha.  Her focus is to provide the best possible care to all of her patients. She has over 25 years of experience in healthcare, including a career as a nurse as well as 5 years in pain management.

For more information on the providers at the Right Path Pain And Spine Center, visit our website at https://rightpathpainandspine.com/providers/