Ways In Which A Coronavirus Test Is Conducted

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The swab sample is the most common way Coronavirus is tested with. Over the months, more research has been conducted to help understand the virus that way it can be easier to detect it and slow its spread. With the research conducted several ways that could be used for the coronavirus test were identified. Two major tests are mostly used to detect Coronavirus. Below are their further explanations.

The first type of test is a molecular test. This test only detects the signs of an active infection. Usually involves taking a sample from the back of your nose or throat. The sample is then further taken and a PCR test is taken which helps detect the presence the virus’ genetic material. Molecular tests can only tell a current covid 19 case but not the history where someone has since recovered. Besides the swab test, molecular test encompasses several other tests such as tracheal aspirate, which involves inserting a bronchoscope to reach your lungs from where a sample is obtained. Another test under molecular test is the sputum test which involves spitting in a special cup and a PCR is further conducted. The samples taken are taken to be tested for the viral antigen related to COVID 19.

Lastly, the other type of test is the serological test. This test uses the detection of antibodies produced to fight the virus. Unlike molecular test, this one can identify anyone who has recovered from Coronavirus. Through a blood sample, the presence of these antibodies is detected even if you are not Corona positive anymore. Serological tests are very useful in detecting even the mild cases of the coronavirus. The antibodies exist in the blood and tissues all over the body making detection easy.

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