Friendly Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

Aging in place enables seniors to enjoy staying in their homes as they continue to grow older. One’s dwelling is often regarded as a warm and cozy place that brings a sense of nostalgia as they reminisce good memories. Their community is also filled with friends and neighbors they have developed special bonds with throughout the years. Additionally, most elder adults have already established daily routines in their houses that they have grown accustomed to for so long.


However, as we continue to age, living in our homes might become more difficult than comfortable. Our bodies undergo many changes that can affect our mobility over time. With these issues, we might find it hard to navigate even the parts of the home we are so used to before. Even maneuvering the kitchen can be risky with outdated appliances and inconvenient storage spaces. Moreover, many kitchen items are often placed in high cabinets that require some form of elevation to reach.


In such cases, senior homeowners must make necessary alterations in their houses to make the space safer and more comfortable. They must locate and address potential risk areas to minimize the likelihood of untoward incidents. They can also maximize assistive technology for their needs.


If these steps are not enough, it is ideal to hire services for home care assistance in CT to help elder loved ones with most daily tasks and ensure their safety. CT senior care providers can also create a client-specific Plan of Care if an elder loved one has specific needs.

For instance, 24 hour caregivers Hamden CT ensure that elder loved ones always have someone to depend on day and night. Two or more caregivers usually take shifts with this type of home care service to assist senior clients as needed.


Safety is imperative when seniors decide to age in place. They must turn their homes into a more friendly environment to keep them out of harm’s way. For more information on the matter, Euro-American Connections & Homecare provides the following infographic.