WhatsApp vs WeChat vs Telegram – Who is the World’s Largest Communication Provider?

Mobile phones are versatile apparatus made by humans. For this reason, it became a people’s companion ever since the first two-way radio emerged in 1908 by AT&T’s engineers. The flexibility of the device became an immense benefactor to humanity. However, the veritable rationale of mobile devices is to develop communication between local citizens and other nations. The astonishing thing is that cellphones are not only for network connection but also entertainment, obtaining information, and conducting a business.

None of these things wouldn’t occur without the knowledge gained by humanity. The comprehension of how radio wavelengths work between base stations, the Internet, and wireless gadgets imparted the global economy’s mass enhancement in no time.

As the Internet became a mass utilization in 1991, entrepreneurs began building the growth of eCommerce.

Electronic commerce is the method of trading, buying, and selling online. The only way to send and receive the item is to either do a meet-up or ship the product. Its memoir synchronously started with the history of the Internet. Online shopping became plausible when the use of the Internet commenced in 1991. In no time, eCommerce success boomed, and that’s all because of the low customer acquisition cost, high repurchase rate, and higher margins. Plus, virtual marketing is much more suitable, considering it will not affect your tasks even if there are emergencies.

Nonetheless, deceitful people are taking advantage of this advancement in technology and the economy. In 2020, the number of reported scammed individuals increased to 216,086, with the amount lost worth $175,684,091. This statistic affected both consumers’ and entrepreneurs’ trust in eCommerce. As a result, authorities implemented WhatsApp call monitoring, WeChat compliance, text messages archiving, records of phone calls or video calls, and documented conversations made in any mobile or computer messaging applications.

The top three mobile messaging applications known worldwide are WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram. This software became globally recognized because it is much more sufficient than any other program.

Engage on the infographic TeleMessage created below as it tackles the highest-ranking communication provider among the three:

Whatsapp VS Wechat VS Telegram