Best Online Horse Racing Betting Singapore Strategies

In the world of online horse racing betting in Singapore, bettors with expertise and experience always opt for a more strategic approach when it comes to placing a stake on a certain horse racing event. This has been proven as a way of optimizing profits while betting on a given horse racing event. The following are the best online horse racing betting Singapore strategies which when used properly can maximize the profits one makes.

The first best online horse racing betting Singapore strategy is called dutching. This particular strategy ensures that when one places a bet on a certain number of horses, he or she makes the same amount of money irrespective of which horse wins in regards to that particular event he or she chose. This strategy revolves around calculations while planning to execute the winning plans. First and foremost, one has to decide how much stake he or she is willing to place on a certain bet. After deciding on that, one has to use calculations to split the stake to ensure that profit is guaranteed regardless of the outcomes of that particular event.

The second best online horse racing betting Singapore strategy is called laying the favorite. For this strategy, one has to place a stake on a bet against an outcome of a given event that is the most favorite to win in a betting exchange. Statistics in betting reveal that only 1/3 of the favorite outcomes usually get a win. In other terms, this implies that the odds of a favorite getting a win is higher than the odds of it getting a loss. In betting exchanges, a horse is usually not considered to be a favorite because of the capacity to win but rather because of the large amount of money behind it.

Another, best online horse racing betting Singapore strategy is called value betting. This strategy can also be used in other betting events as well. It is when one considers taking on a bet with minimum profits possible (but which be high valued) that has lower odds for winning and then taking advantage by creating one’s handicap.

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