Best Mobile Products To Capture Mobile Calls

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For any product to be used to capture mobile calls it has to effectively address compliance to the set regulations that are within the confines of mobile calls capturing. Also, the product has to address e-Discovery response requirements that consequently reduce the risk across a variety of industries. Products for capturing mobile calls also have to securely and reliably retain the recordings and other related data in the appropriate servers or forward the data to a reputable archiving data storage vendor. The following are the best mobile products to capture mobile calls.

The first best mobile product to capture mobile calls is the network archiver. This mobile product captures mobile calls including messages directly from the mobile carrier network. A copy of the call recordings and the messages are usually sent to the relevant server for routing purposes. Also, while using this mobile product no app is necessary since the call recording capability is dependent on the carrier’s network. The product also works best for legacy phones.

The second mobile product to capture mobile calls is the Android archiver. For this mobile product, a non-bulky agent has to be installed on the target’s phone such as the employee’s phone. The non-bulky agent captures all the call recordings data to the target’s mobile phone before sending them to the relevant server before being routed to a company’s archive. One amazing feature of this product is that it works in the background without any user intervention.

Another mobile product to capture mobile calls is the enterprise number archiver. For this particular product, it is the employee who has to install an app on his or her phone. As such, the employee is provided with a secondary enterprise number to be associated with the mobile app to be installed. The call recordings are directly sent to the company’s archive without the servers.

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