Types Of Coronavirus Test

Coronavirus Test

The Coronavirus hit the world hard. Without any preparations whatsoever it landed and people learned the hard way about its existence. A series of deaths had to occur for people to be aware it existed. Scientists have been researching to understand it, and even came up with ways to test for the presence of the Coronavirus even in its early stages. Below are some of the ways the coronavirus test is conducted.

The first type of Coronavirus test is the molecular test, also known as a PCR test or RNA test. This test is considered to be the most effective in detecting an active infection. The results from this test are usually highly accurate. In most cases, when you need immediate results this is the test that is usually done.  A molecular test involves collecting a sample mucus from your nose or throat through a swab. The sample is then taken to a lab where a PCR test is done. Some molecular tests are recently using saliva, where you spit in a special cup and a PCR test I done. A molecular test can only detect the presence of the virus but cannot detect if someone has a history of COVID 19.

The second type of Coronavirus test is the Antigen test, also known as rapid test. As its name suggests, this test has a fast turnaround time than an RNA test. It is also cheaper to produce. This works as the molecular test in that, a sample is taken from deep in your nose and the throat and taken for testing. The only difference with the molecular test is the timing for results. With an antigen test, you can obtain your results in an hour or less.

Lastly, another type of Coronavirus test is the Serological test, also known as the antibody test. Mostly advisable to take this test at least 14 days after seeing symptoms. If you test too early, you are likely to test negative even when you are positive for the infection. This test involves testing for the antibodies produced in the presence of a virus. This test can identify a person that had already been infected with COVID but has since recovered.

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