5 Color Palette Ideas to Brighten up Your Kitchen

Colors play a vital part in home designing, especially when we are talking about the kitchen. Our eyes are naturally sensitive to seeing colors and can interpret messages that go along with them. A combination of colors can also make small spaces appear larger and energetic.

That is why choosing the right color palette to fit your space and personality is equally important with choosing the right people to do kitchen revamp like kitchen cabinet Orange. It is always easier to get things done with help from experts who can carry out what you want and how you want.

Here are some best ideas to choose from in recoloring your kitchen:

  1. Modern Farmhouse Style

Nothing could go wrong with mixing traditional and modern designs like a modern farmhouse. Hues of brown combined with white, green, then accentuate it with a little orange that makes for a warm kitchen without being too rural.

  1. Bold and Neutral Colors

Start with base colors such as white, gray, and beige, and from there, you can add other shades like orange, blue, or green. These colors will give a subtle statement that makes your kitchen unique.

  1. Blue Retro Kitchen

Give your family and friends a trip back in time with the cool blue color palette. Play with pale blue and bold blue color such as turquoise accentuated with wood floorings and tables is indeed an eye-catcher.

  1. Red and White Kitchen

Ever wonder about the psyche behind why fast-food colors usually have red and or orange as brand colors? It’s because the said colors stimulate a person’s appetite for food. So, give that white kitchen remodeling Lake Forest an appetite boost by adding red kitchen wares. Nothing could ever go wrong.

  1. Mondrian Style Kitchen

If the colors you want for your kitchen didn’t fall in any of the color palettes mentioned earlier, then this style is for you. The Mondrian Art style allows the use of different colors but should be applied in the right way to create harmony and a unique style.

And since we are talking about color palettes, see this infographic to better look at these styles.

kitchen color palettes - infographic