Steps For Converting Bathtub To Showers Irvine CA

Generally, showers are usually more functional and efficient when compared to bathtubs. This is because showers save on space and also minimize slips and falls. This has been the major reason why many homeowners are converting their bathtub to showers Irvine CA on top of showers giving a perception of a larger space in the bathroom and also one can easily move around in a shower. Bathtub to showers Irvine CA conversions is pretty straight forward hence apart from hiring a contractor to do the job, one can also do it by him/herself through the DIY route. The following are the steps to be followed when converting bathtub to showers Irvine CA.

At the very first stage in bathtub to showers Irvine CA conversions, the bathtub’s area spacing is analyzed. Bathtub space analysis is usually aimed at ensuring that the space covered by the bathtub and space not covered by the bathtub is sufficient to fit a shower unit. Also, this analysis is important in the replacement and repositioning of the drain lines and water supply lines to make sure that they would work well with the shower unit.

The second stage of bathtub to showers conversions Irvine CA involves removing the bathtub and replacing the flooring and the wall tiles. The floor under a bathtub is usually unfinished in the sense that it only has concrete. As such, new flooring will have to be installed to ensure that the flooring of the whole bathroom matches. Unlike a bathtub, when one showers in a shower unit a lot of mist is usually produced. This can easily damage the previous tiles if proper venting is not done. As such it is important to replace the wall sections with something more practical for showers.

In the last stage of bathtub to showers Irvine CA conversions, the shower unit is installed together with other relevant shower fixtures such as showerheads and faucets.

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