The Role of Instant Message in Post-Corona Virus Workplace

close up photo of black Samsung Galaxy smartphone

The coronavirus pandemic caught all of us by surprise, and it has since kept people from staying close with each other as the lockdowns continue to keep people indoors. One of the ways to stay in touch with your family members, friends, co-workers and customers during these trying times is through mobile calls and instant messaging.

A lot of people used instant messaging apps to connect with others before the pandemic, and the number seen a tremendous increase during the lockdown periods. Even companies are making use of instant messaging to connect with their customers because of the convenience it brings, mainly because most consumers communicate using apps.

Due to the   continuous shift to instant messaging, companies must know the importance of instant message recording or archiving text messages to ensure that they can remain compliant with regulations while using new solutions. The financial sector is not the only sector that has shifted to instant messaging to accommodate their clients. Even other industries have also adjusted their activities and increased use of instant messaging channels for both their remote employees and customers.

Thanks to the popularity of instant messaging as well as the growing trend of people using WhatsApp and other similar messaging apps, employees these days no longer need to worry about getting fired or penalized when they make use of compliant messaging solutions. WeChat and WhatsApp are just a few among the most popular instant messaging applications that people use these days, but they cannot comply with various data protection regulations.

Adopting a robust instant message recording solution that can capture WhatsApp and WeChat conversations can keep your firm and employees safe from noncompliance issues. The “new normal” is definitely going to see more firms use instant messaging solutions to meet their clients’ demands because many people have finally realized how convenient they are in their daily lives. Without using solutions that consumers find convenient, there is a chance that you could lose customers due to inability to connect with them.

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