Understanding the Legality of CBD Oil in Australia

If you are an Australian resident and are looking to give CBD oil a try, one of the questions that you may be asking yourself right is, “is CBD oil legal in Australia?” CBD oil and other cannabis products are legal in this country, but you need to go through a special state program in order to acquire the products. The good news is that this program is fairly straightforward, something that has caused CBD usage to skyrocket in the recent years.

Apart from knowing if CBD oil is legal in Australia, you may also want to know if it is legal in Australia to purchase products that contain above 0.2 percent of THC for medical use. Yes, this is legally allowed. But you need to keep in mind that all medical THC and CBD products should be obtained via the Special Access Scheme. Currently, it is more difficult to be prescribed products containing above 0.2 percent THC than it is to be prescribed CBD.

The number of Australians using medical cannabis legally right now is very low, and this has much to do with the rate of prescription. In order to be prescribed medical THC products, you have to show that you have tried several other conventional medicines without success. Even after doing that, medical doctors may still be hesitant to prescribe THC products.

You may also want to know if it is legal in Australia to buy products containing above 0.2 percent of THC for recreational use. No, this is not legally allowed. While a lot of people report purchasing and using cannabis and other THC products recreationally, as of now, it is illegal in Australia. But there are efforts being made to legalize the substance to allow for small quantities for personal use, even though it seems as if this is still some ways off.

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