The Benefits Of Passwordless Authentication


If you still use traditional authentication with username and password in your company, it is about time you switched to passwordless authentication.  In light of today’s information technology landscape, threats and usage patterns, the time has come to retire the password. The following are some of the benefits that you will get from using passwordless authentication.

First of all, this technique is very effective when it comes to offering protection against phishing and password lists.  Phishing is aimed at tricking you into giving away sensitive information, which is often a combination of username and password. Alternatively, attackers can use password lists which are for sale at a low cost from previously compromised services, and bet that the individual re-uses the same password on multiple services. There is nothing much that the IT administration can do to prevent these forms of attacks. The first line of defense against phishing is awareness, vigilance and competence all employees.

You should encourage your employees to replace passwords with a stronger authentication factor if you want to stop or reduce attacks based on password lists. Such attacks originate in many people re-using their passwords, something that in turn exposes the company’s otherwise secure services. There are way too many opportunities for passwords in your company to go astray. But if your employees replace their passwords with a stronger authentication factor, with for instance the use of their mobile phones, it can be an effective safeguard against a lot of the common forms of attack. While there are situation where  username and passwords can work just fine, there are other situations where you need to  take extra measures to make sure that important data does not fall into the wrong hands.

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