The Benefits Of Passwordless Login

Passwordless login is something that you should definitely consider if you still use the traditional username and password for ensuring security of data in your organization. While passwordless authentication is still an emerging method, it has gained popularity among many companies as of late. A lot of business people now understand the importance of this method of authentication, and they are not hesitant to implement it anymore. You can provide your customers with improved user experience by eliminating passwords to authenticate logins.

There are various benefits of passwordless login. The first one is that it provides a more user-friendly MFA solution. In order to remedy the inherent uncertainty of the password, you can compensate with multifactor authentication (MFA). That way, authentication in your company will no longer rely solely on what the user knows (the password). Instead, it will require something that the user has, for instance a mobile phone. Even stronger security can be achieved by adding a third factor; something the user is.  This involves a biometric factor, such as a face, fingerprint, or eye.

While multi-factor authentication has its benefits, the challenge is that it tends to affect usability. Your employee will go from having to enter only the username and password to having to log in with a one-time code or verify with fingerprints. This is impractical and can very annoying on a mobile device in case of misspelling, as the user will have to go through the process again. To make sure that the employees are not burdened more than necessary, the IT department needs to balance the security needs against the organization’s willingness to take risks. The passwords should be replaced with a more user-friendly authentication factor.

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