The Benefits of Mobile Call Monitoring

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Using mobile call monitoring in organizations is something that has many benefits. The benefits of monitoring the digital activities of an employee while they are working on their computers are obvious. Workforce digital activity monitoring can help promote productivity as well as protect sensitive data from being leaked outside your company. But what about call monitoring software? Will installing call monitoring software on your employees’ company-issued smartphones of any benefit to your business? Absolutely. The following are some of the benefits of cell phone monitoring software for your business.

First of all, mobile calling monitoring software can help in the prevention of loss of devices and information. You need to make sure that your company’s digital assets accessed by employee cell phones stay where they belong – within your company.  If you invested a lot of money in the company-issued cell phones that your employees use, you probably want to avoid replacing them unless it is absolutely necessary.

Remember that your employees are human, and it is very easy for them to misplace a cell phone. A phone can easily be left on a bus, on a table at a restaurant, or in the back of a cab in a busy moment. Worse, it is easy for a skilled pickpocket to grab a cell phone from a coat pocket or bag when someone is distracted.

When you lose a company-issued cell phone, it is not just the cost of replacing it that you need to worry about. A mobile device that is being used for work purposes could be having large amounts of valuable information on it, including client contact information to proprietary documents. It could be having much of the same valuable information that would be on an employee’s desktop computer. What this simply means is that a lost or stolen mobile device not only results in replacement costs for your company, but it also puts potentially valuable company information or data at risk.

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