experiential marketing

Importance of Experiential Marketing

The future of event production companies is mostly centered on experiential marketing. The increasing number of high-profile brands that choose to leverage experiential marketing campaigns is increasing rapidly, mainly because it’s an effective strategy that helps them build active business relationships with their clients. With the increasing popularity of branded events, event production companies have been actively planning the launch of new and innovative campaigns that are highly interactive and appealing to the target audience.

Below are some of the important facts about experiential marketing, which you should keep in mind when planning your next event production:

A branded event is all about engaging consumers and making their needs, wants and desires, known. Any other means of communication such as advertisements or promotional campaigns will fail to create an emotional connection with the consumers and may not provide them with a sense of need. Advertising and promotions strategies should provide the consumers with a solution for their problems, answers, and aspirations. It should not be a technique that is mainly used to sell products or services. Therefore, the success of an experiential marketing campaign relies solely on how well it satisfies the needs, wants, and desires of the audience.

The interaction and sharing of content help brands and companies get closer to their consumers and strengthen the bond. Brands get the unique opportunity of sharing their stories, experiences and take their brands to a new level of awareness. Content also creates a bridge between the users and the marketers. Since the audience gets to know more about the products and services from the experiences shared, they would want to know more and share these experiences with others.

Experts suggest that content marketing tactics should not be ignored if you want to get closer to your consumers. “There is no substitute for experiencing something ourselves before we can accept it. There is no other way except for sharing our experiences and taking it upon ourselves to make the right decisions as we face new situations,” says Harry Balzer, CEO of Think Market. “Content drives the discussion and inspires the consumers to take the right actions. So, while engaging with the consumers, it’s important to focus on quality content that inspires and informs them and shares their interests and needs.”

Content drives engagement and attention, so if you want to target an audience that is more likely to buy your product or services, we at King Sixteen would like to help you achieve the event that will activate your unique market. Let’s go all out in engaging your audience and sharing the content that interests them. Contact us today! info@kingsixteen.com +1 707-653-KING