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Biometric Technology: A Brief History

Many people encounter biometric technology almost anywhere and at any time in the modern era. When a person uses a fingerprint scan to unlock their smartphone or takes a selfie to confirm their claimed identity while completing an online transaction – biometric technology is there.

Biometrics includes measuring an individual’s inherent traits, like Identity Verification. These may consist of their fingerprints, retinal patterns, voice recognition, facial recognition, and their signature or keystroke dynamics, to name a few. Biometric Identity Verification has many applications, from everyday tasks to more complex uses such as in government operations.

During its early stages in the 1960s, this technology encompassed voice recognition and fingerprint identification. Scientists’ exploration of the physiological components of acoustic speech and phonic sounds paved the way for modern voice recognition technology. Subsequently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s initiative for automated fingerprint scans influenced the research of minutiae points to graph distinctive patterns and ridges.

If you want to learn more about History of Biometric Technology, See this infographic from LoginID.

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